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Sunday Sessions Online Terms of Use

KLM: Kingdom Life Ministries
Users: The general member of the public who join in with any KLM online sessions.
Zoom: Online video conferencing platform. KLM has a membership account with Zoom to stream live KLM sessions and to connect with users. For further information and details on how the video conferencing platform works, please visit www.zoom.us

By clicking and joining on any KLM online sessions, users are agreeing that they understand and accept the following;

Sunday Sessions Online

– KLM has an account membership with Zoom, managed by the KLM ministry team which is private for the ministry’s use.
– KLM online sessions are accessed via a Zoom link embedded on the KLM website https://kingdomlifeministries.org.uk
– The KLM online sessions are led and managed by the KLM ministry team.
– Users will be notified on how best to navigate each KLM online session when it starts, so that sessions are efficient.


– The KLM online sessions will be accessible by anyone via a Zoom link on the KLM website. However, we advise that any users aged 17 and under who wish to join a session to seek parent/carer or guardian permission.
– Any users joining in with a online session, whether conference call or video, are to be mindful in how they conduct themselves, ensuring behaviours and attitudes are child-friendly and appropriate.
– Any users deemed to be displaying inappropraite behaviour during an online session will be advised to follow the terms of use by the KLM ministry team.
– Any users who do not follow the terms of use or the advice of the KLM ministry team will be asked to leave the online session. If there are any extreme causes of concern, KLM will report this as necessary in line with current safeguarding guidelines.
– Users agree to not record any online sessions without asking permission from the KLM ministry team.
– If the online sessions are to be recorded, the users will be notified at the start of each session.
– Any sessions recorded by the KLM ministry team will be safely stored on the KLM Zoom membership account or Dropbox account. The recordings may be used for social media uses and/or safeguarding purposes.


– Any users who would like to speak with a KLM ministry team member are advised to use the contact details displayed on the website or via the social media platforms. KLM will respond to enquiries at the earliest opportunity.