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Firm Foundations Section 2

Firm Foundations is the discipleship course run by Kingdom Life Ministries (KLM). The aim of the course is to give believers a firm grounding in their faith. As part of our call to be a resource to the Body of Christ, we’ve decided to make some of the modules available to all believers who want to join.

The aim of this course is to give believers a secure and solid foundation in their faith so that they have the understanding to be able to grow and mature in the right way. This isn’t about just gaining knowledge – we have a real emphasis on students applying what they are learning.

Our desire is for learners to be able to:
– Teach others the things they are learning
– Actively engage in the works of the ministry
– Have the joy of seeing God work through their own lives, touching others around them

Walking with God

From the beginning, God’s desire has been to walk with us, talk with us, and have fellowship with us. Often we don’t understand how to respond to this great invitation and prayer can seem like a struggle. Then, when it comes to Holy Spirit, people often find it hard to really know how to relate to Him. Holy Spirit is the One Jesus said the Father was going to send in Jesus’ place.
In this section we’ll learn about what prayer really is and how to break free of limiting beliefs that stop us enjoying the full potential of prayer.
We’ll also learn how we can cultivate a deep relationship with God by understanding the nature of Holy Spirit and what He’s here to do.

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