About KLM

How it all started

The ministry began as a result of a direct word from the Lord in 2012. Back then it was known as House of the Lord and was birthed in the home Darren shares with his wife Vernette. Since then the ministry has been through many changes and we are now at the place where the Lord has told us to expand and begin to plant.

Darren John-Joiles is the founder of Kingdom Life Ministries (KLM) and the Apostle of the house.

Darren John-Joiles

Founding Apostle

For over 15 years Darren has served in various ministry positions and helped to lead churches. He’s also served as a National Youth Leader and an Executive Council member for a UK based fellowship of churches.
Darren wants to see the Church reformed, rising up from the shackles and hurts brought about by the traditions of men, to a much more biblically authentic expression of the Faith.

He has a desire to see true discipleship restored and a generation raised, trained and equipped to take the Gospel to their spheres of influence. Seeing souls saved, lives changed, and the power of Christ affecting both the Church and the world.

Mission & Purpose


Helping to restore true shepherding to the Church, raising up leaders up who are after the Lords’ own heart. They will advance both the Church and the Kingdom of God. These will be leaders who will walk in love, wisdom, authority and power.

The Body

To help the Body of Christ come to a place of maturity in character, clarity in purpose and demonstration of the Kingdom. This will be done via teaching, preaching and training resources offered to the wider Body of Christ.

Kingdom Life Churches

Through the planting of Kingdom Life Church we want to raise up fellowships of believers that:
· Love God
· Love His people
· Live for God
· Know God
· Demonstrate God